Wednesday, July 18, 2012


*AOET is Sam Tushabe's ministry and  is one of the three ministries that are being supported 
through this year's Bike Challenge pledges.  Below is one story of a child rescued through this ministry. 

My name is Purity Mugaizi.  I come from a family of 16 children (My dad has several wives.)
After completing my 4th year in high school, I had great hopes to go on to university.  In 2007, I applied for a position at a teacher's training college and was accepted!  I shared the news with my parents and asked them for help.   On seeing the tuition fees, they were shocked.  This soon turned into a huge family problem.  My step moms hated me, my step brothers and sisters wouldn't hear of it.  Several months went by and I bumped into my step uncle while walking - He told me about AOET and told me how to apply for sponsorship.   I visited the AOET office and applied.   A year later, AOET still hadn't found a sponsor for me.   In May of 2008, a social worker from AOET came and told me they had found a sponsor who would pay for me to go to college.  The social worker prayed with me that God would take care of every detail for me to go to college.   No one - in my whole life, had ever prayed with me!  I had been very angry at God but praying with me released a lot of emotions! The social worker hugged me and gave me a New Testament Bible and a t-shirt with John 3:16 on the back (I love that t-shirt!)  I opened the Bible and started crying reading it!   I understood God loved me, that he cared for me and wanted the best for my life!   This is how I made the decision to follow Christ!  If I lost everything today, it wouldn't make any difference for me at all I have found what is more important!

I have now graduated and am helping at a primary school in my community as I wait to be posted as a teacher by the government in a few months - my first paying job!


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