Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Letter to Courageous Friends

This note to the riders is from the director of one of our local outreach partners:  

My Courageous Friends,
One year ago, my new friend Michael called me and told me that some riders were going to go on a 4 day bike faith journey to raise funds.  PSS was named as one of the ministries that would be a beneficiary of those funds.  Michael had asked how much a new RV would cost.  We joked then and said, “it doesn’t hurt to ask”…
The ride started and we kept hearing updates about how the ride was going and also about how much was raised.  A miracle was happening.  God raised enough funds for PSS to purchase a brand new RV which is now lovingly called Micah (named after the 2011 Micah 6:8 bike challenge).  The new RV was purchased at the end of August and was dedicated that fall.  The first baby was saved from abortion in October and since then over 70 babies have been saved on that one RV.  75 people have made a profession of faith on it as well.  Can you imagine?  That is enough to fill three classrooms full of children!  That many people can change the world.  Your ride matters!!!!!
This past May I gained a whole new appreciation for the epic event that was undertaken on our behalf.  5 of our own men set out on their own bike challenge.  I volunteered to go with them in our old RV as support and transport.  I prayed for those men constantly as I watched from behind.  I gained a huge respect for each one of them for committing the effort to the Lord on behalf of saving babies and sharing Christ.  I hold very few people in as high regard as I do those who rode in the 2011 challenge, in our 2012 bike challenge and now….. you. 
I ask the Lord to bless you richly in your “inner man” as you spend time with him on your bikes.  Each morning I had the privilege of leading those heroic men in a short devotional.  I challenged them daily to spend time with God, to confirm in their heart that they were doing this for the right reason, to honor and glorify God and not just as an activity. 
One final note… I have been so inspired by these events that I have committed to ride in next year’s bike challenge.  I have already lost 20% of the weight I will need to loose and I have begun riding several times a week.  I have a great deal more health to reclaim but I have all the inspiration I need in my memory of CCC’s brave riders of 2011, in the heroic riders of the May 2011 PSS challenge and in your courageous ride this year.  Still, as I exercise and ride, I find my heart echoing my own words to the riders.  “Why am I doing this?  For the honor and glory of Jesus Christ my Savior….” 
Ride on my friends, Ride on.
With deep respect and Love,
Wayne Morgret, Executive Director, Pregnancy Solutions and Services


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