Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who is your neighbor? Haven of Rest knows!

Christ Community Chapel Local Outreach ministry partner Haven of Rest serves the homeless of Northeast Ohio with meals, shelter and clothing.  Haven seeks to provide Christ-centered programs and services that respond to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of homeless and poor men, women and children.
With the bitter cold winter weather Ohio has recently experienced, Haven of Rest staffers became concerned about accommodations for their overflow population. As the cold drove more people to seek shelter at Haven, it became apparent some of the mats used were in not very good condition.

                                                  The Haven of Rest facility in downtown Akron
Haven of Rest staffers included in their monthly prayer requests to CCC the need for 50 new mats. Christ Community Chapel’s Local Outreach team learned that the 50 mats would cost about $3,100. with shipping and handling included. With that information, the team made CCC members aware of the need.
A CCC community group spotted the need, and soon God’s people pulled together to provide the funds to buy the mats.
In the Bible, an expert in the law of God asks Jesus, “who is my neighbor?”  As the Gospel drives deeper into our lives at Christ Community Chapel, more of us are answering, “anyone who is in need!” 
In 2013, the Local Outreach team is hoping that increased communication between our ministry partners and our congregation will result in even more God-honoring responses to the needs of our neighbors.
Speaking of needs, Haven of Rest has a special Hope Tote campaign currently underway. This is an outreach to needy and homeless men, women and children in our communities. From now until Friday, March 15, 2013, Haven is collecting the following new, regular or large size items for Hope Totes:
·      Toothbrushes and toothpaste
·      Soap
·      Shaving cream and disposable razors
·      Shampoo and conditioner
·      Deodorant
·      Lip balm
·      Socks
·      Brush and comb
·      Shoelaces
·      Hand or body lotion
·      Facial tissues
You are encouraged to get together with community group members, friends and neighbors to fill Hope Totes for thousands of needy individuals and households. You may request Hope Tote bags to fill, or receive additional information by calling Katrina Henry at Haven of Rest, at 330.535.1563.

For more information on Haven of Rest, please contact:
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