Friday, July 20, 2012

A Coffee Shop Beginning

Another story of a CCC Family blessed by the ministry of adoption:

A Barnes and Noble coffee shop…That’s where we learned that our lives were going to change forever.  After trying to get pregnant for two years, we mentioned to a friend who was involved with Rahab Ministries, that should an opportunity arise, we would be very interested in adopting.  Little did we know that, after sitting down for coffee with Mary, our daughter would be born five days later.  

Mary was a woman who was receiving help from Rahab Ministries.  We received an email from Becky with Rahab informing us that Mary was considering adoption for her child.  Our names had been passed along as we had previously expressed our desire to adopt.  After sitting down at the Barnes and Noble coffee shop, Mary asked us some questions about how her daughter would be raised in our home if she chose us to adopt her.  Mary chose us on the spot…and exactly one week later Caroline Ruth was in our home.  It was overwhelming, but also the most incredible thing we had ever witnessed.

It would be an understatement if we simply told you that the CCC church body was generous.  In addition to a family willing to help with our legal fees, the church body embraced our decision and went to work on our behalf.  A room in our home that had been an office, was transformed into a nursery in less than a week thanks to our wonderful church family.  This was the most we had ever felt the perfect love of God and the body of Christ responding in our lives! 

We are so blessed to be a part of a church that encourages and supports local and global outreach as well as the initiative of adoption.  CCC’s support of Rahab in addition to the church view on adoption enabled our entire process.  We are forever grateful.


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