Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day One is in the Books!

Here is a post from one of the riders, Tony Galieti.  Please pray for the riders who are struggling.   This is a very difficult ride with the heat they are experiencing and they could really use your prayers!  


Day one is in the books!

After a great devotional, we embarked this morning from Covington, KY and rode 85.5 miles in 94° degree heat, finishing up in Beavercreek, OH around 2:30 today.  While most of the riders were able to bear up under that heat, we did have a few riders who really struggled today. 

The devotional was centered on Micah 6:8.  As I was riding today the verse kept playing over in my mind.  Most frequently, my thoughts camped on the word ‘mercy’.  It was Aquinas who said mercy starts off as a feeling of compassion for another’s plight (as if it were one’s own), but it doesn’t stop there. Rather, it goes on to do something to relieve it.  I don’t know of anyone whose heart doesn’t break when they think of the ministries we’re riding for this year. I am so encouraged by the outpouring of gifts and prayers for this endeavor.  Thank you for your generosity, and please keep those prayers coming!



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Melinda Y. said...

Thankful you made it through the heat today - thankful for your hearts that prompt you to do this. Continued prayers for safety and endurance.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Prayed throughout the day for all of you and will continue to do so! Love your passion guys!

OpinionsofPat said...

Keep pedaling men, because with every turn of those bike petals you will be helping to provide for a ministry that will change lives. Blessed to know you endure for the love of others. I am encouraged by your example. May the Lord bless you all today with energy and stamina to complete the task before you.

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