Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aruna's Story

This is another story from Destiny Rescue - one of the ministry partners the Bike Challenge Riders are raising funds for:

Aruna was born into a poor Cambodian village and had a lazy eye. At the age of 13, Aruna was betrayed and raped by a village neighbor. Aruna was later rescued from her unsafe environment and came to live at Destiny Rescue aftercare homes. The sex offender was prosecuted and is now serving a sentence in jail.

Late last year, an Australian doctor and nurse couple did some medical assessments at our children's homes. Aruna's lazy eye was examined and she was taken to hospital for eye surgery. It was a successful surgery with Aruna's eye being completely fixed! Aruna is now able to see clearly, and her self confidence has increased greatly. See some of the below letter that Aruna wrote to her sponsors:

"...One thing that I want to tell you about is my eyes. I didn't have two good eyes like other girls. So many people laughed at me because I had a lazy eye. After living in Destiny Rescue, a lovely doctor come to see us and he took me to the hospital to have an operation to get my eye fixed so that I could see better. It is A VERY GOOD thing that I never dreamed could happen! Now I have two eyes as good as each other. I am VERY Happy! I am so thankful."

After much care and rehabilitation in the Destiny Rescue aftercare program, Aruna was recently re-integrated back into the community. She is now living safety with some extended family and is attending school. Aruna wants to complete her schooling and plans to become a beauty therapist in the future.

This child was born very lately to her parents, after this girl born her mother died of cancer. They do live in a thatched house with mud walls. After her mother died, her father became mentally ill and physically sick, which caused him not able to go for work, which effected on this child, some of her close relatives took her into their care. After some days having not proper medication father also died. The burden of this child had come upon relatives who are also live on daily wages.  Eventually they came to know about our Destiny Rescue India orphanage and joined into.

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