Friday, July 20, 2012

Anna and Her Siblings

Anther story of child whose life has been rescued ...

Anna was 13 years old by the time her mother and father died a slow death from HIV/AIDS,
they died less than 2 weeks apart. Before they died they had sold all of their meager
possessions on medication, but sadly the inevitable happened and they died anyway.
This left Anna orphaned, with no home and several small debts.  Other than the clothes on her
back, all she had was her 4 year old, 7 and 9 year old sisters…

In fear of the people in the village whom their parents owed money, they fled to a nearby
town where they heard there was work. She tried doing odd jobs in an effort to keep her
little sisters alive, but she could see them slowly wasting away before her eyes.

One day as she was trying to find work, she went down but the river where a large bridge
was being constructed over the Zambezi river, she was approached by a middle aged
woman who offered her a job working in her bar. This lady promised that she would feed
Anna and her little sisters provided she worked hard in her bar and did what she was told.

Anna accepted the job… she soon found that the job entailed a lot more than serving drinks,
doing the dishes and sweeping the floors. What she found was she had to have sex with the
truck drivers that frequented this bridge crossing, she was made to have sex with 3-5 men
every single day, 7 days a week… for this the lady fed all the girls and also gave Anna a
total of $2 a month for having sex with somewhere between 100-150 men each month.

One of Destiny Rescue’s undercover teams found Anna and was able to rescue her. Anna
and her sisters are now in one of our rescue homes, where they are all going to school and
being cared for.

Despite the evidence given to the authorities, the lady involved has still not
been charged. We will continue to present this case to the authorities.


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