Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Compassion for the Helpless

Here is the update from Day 2's ride from Tony.  Please continue to keep the team in prayer.

After Tony sent this to us, he sent another note of praise for today.  The rain help off until the last man was in today -- so they missed the bad weather!  The team has also done a great job staying hydrated in the heat.  They finished the 5 days of gatorade and water that we estimated they would need for the week based on the amount used per man last year!  Wyn is at the grocery store as we write this update purchasing more for the balance of the week.  The support team is doing a great job supporting the riders.

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”
– Matthew 9:36

The strategy today was to start early to beat the heat, so we set our alarms for 5am.  However, it ended up being a “Bob Segar” morning, as we woke about 4:30 to the sound of rolling thunder in the distance.  Heat is one thing, but thunderstorms are a non-starter.  After a quick check of the radar, we felt confident that we were going to be out of harms way, and by dawn the rain had stopped.  At first light our first group of riders took off.  The roads were a little wet from the rain, but we had 45 miles in before it even thought about getting hot!  Praise the Lord!

We were on bike paths for the first part of our ride. Since no one else was on the paths, we rode in a double pace line formation, which means we each had a rider next to us.  I think most of the guys really enjoy double pace lines, because you can actually have a conversation while you’re riding.  As a result, it was a great day of fellowship and the time flew by.

After we got off the bike trails, it was back to the roads and single file lines (aka – time with the Lord).  The scripture that the Lord put on my heart was Matthew 9:36. I think it is one of the great pictures we have of Jesus’ love.   As He looked out at the masses, He was moved with compassion for them. The scripture tells us they were harassed and helpless, and His love moved Him to alleviate their pain.

As I read and watch the information regarding the ministries we’re supporting this year, I can’t help but think of what a great opportunity it is for all of us to reach out, in a very tangible way, to those who are harassed and helpless.  Just as an example, for every $1500 we raise for Destiny Rescue we save one child out of a living nightmare that, in their own power, they have absolutely no ability to extricate themselves. 

Tomorrow is our 100-mile day.  It is also the hardest terrain of the week. We covet your continued prayers!
In Christ’s love,



Melinda Y. said...

stay strong - we are in Columbus the next few days for OSU orientation - something Tony may remember :)
We are thinking and praying for you tonight thinking you are somewhere close by!
Look forward to seeing you all Saturday - be safe.

alexandragalieti said...

PTL!! love you, Dad!!

Anonymous said...

Love you Dad! So proud of you! - Meg

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