Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Local Outreach Partner - Broken Chains

Broken Chains Ministry is a faith based non-profit organization, headquartered in the Summit County Jail in Akron, Ohio. Broken Chains Ministry serves Summit County and the Northeast Ohio Region.  Their mission is to engage former offenders for the purpose of reintegration back into the community, thereby lowering recidivism rates in our region and multiplying public safety.

Broken Chains Ministry is actively engaged in one-on-one mentoring with men and women while they are incarcerated at the Summit County Jail. Utilizing its full time staff and a core of over 30 volunteer mentors, Broken Chains Ministry establishes relationships with men and women that help to overcome issues from their past.

Mentors use the Broken Chains Discipleship Series bible study. The length of the program is six weeks long and its focus and content is Christian living as taught in the Word of God. A variety of subjects are covered in this bible study, such as repentance, restitution, submission to authorities, accountability and developing a new mind set through Biblical precepts.  The series teaches an individual how to have victory over old patterns of behavior, and build a solid foundation for the future. The series also stresses after care accountability to the local church and its leadership. The individual receives a certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Broken Chains Ministry is personally involved in helping to overcome the barriers of employment through its Workforce Development Program, and other barriers by its collaborations through the Summit County Reentry Network, a network of over 80 area organizations. Broken Chains Ministry then gets personally involved in helping men and women successfully transition from incarceration to community.

• In Summit County Jail, approximately 16,000 men and women will be incarcerated this year.
• At any given time, there are approximately600+ inmates in Summit County Jail.

In the state of Ohio penal and correctionalfacilities the following applies:

• 67% come from a broken or dysfunctionalhome
• 95% of men in prison had no father figure
• 67% have prior prison records (recidivism)
• 75% have drug/alcohol abuse issues
• 80% of female inmates have been physically,mentally, sexually, or emotionally abused
• 50% of male inmates have been physically ormentally abused
• 40% are below the literacy rate that wouldallow them to function normally in society

If you are interested in learning more about Broken Chains, contact Carol Fitch –C.C.C. local outreach member at  


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