Thursday, July 19, 2012

God Patiently Waited and Prepared

Here is another story from a CCC family that has been blessed by the ministry of adoption - one of the initiatives the men are riding for this week:

                  Adoption was for people who couldn’t have biological children—or so I thought.  My wife had been gently asking me about adopting shortly after we had our first of three biological children.  She kept gently asking me every few years thereafter and my answer was always the same, “Why would I want to adopt when we can have our own children?”  During this time, the Lord allowed me to visit orphanages in the Dominican Republic, in China, and in India through mission trips with Christ Community Chapel.  Upon returning from India in 2006, she once again approached me with the same question only this time it was with the request to spend thirty days praying about it before giving her my answer.  I realized that I had been selfish in my refusal to adopt and that adoption was something that the Lord wanted us to do.

                  After completing all of the paperwork and spending two years waiting on a healthy little girl from China, we made the decision to consider a special needs adoption.  God miraculously opened doors for this to occur since our adoption agency was initially not authorized by the Chinese government to handle special needs adoptions.  We were given a referral of a little girl who had a repaired cleft lip and were told we had forty-eight hours to make a decision.  It was a very painful, emotional decision, but we had to decline for personal reasons.  Our house was a very sad place for the next several days.  Then, miraculously again, this little girl showed up on a special list given to our agency by the Chinese government and we were told that we could reconsider our very rushed and emotional previous decision.  There was no doubt that the Lord wanted us to adopt this little girl.  On May 2, 2010, my wife, our three biological children and I arrived back in the United States from China with our newest adopted daughter.  God had a reason and He has a plan for this little girl as part of our family and for her to someday be part of His adopted family.


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