Friday, July 13, 2012

Fulfilling the Mandate in James 1:27

The 18 men riding in the Bike Challenge next week will be riding to raise funds to make it more financially feasible for families who have been called to adopt.  Here is a story from one CCC family who added two new lives to their family through adoption:

If you are a child of God, then you are adopted.  God has graciously brought us into His family as a son or daughter when we accept His salvation.  We view adoption the same way.  We are redeemed, bought back, from a life of sin and hopelessness.  It seems to be so normal for Christians to take part of God’s mandate in caring for orphans (James 1:27).  We have chosen to love and care for the fatherless because that is what God has done for us.  We know it does not seem that simple when you consider all the details:  the money, the waiting, the paperwork, the time, the endless questions including what if this child doesn’t love me or I feel detached, or what if he or she has an unknown medical condition?  But, it is the overwhelming, amazing, and unconditional love of God that should ultimately motivate adoption.  We just figured that it cost Jesus an awful lot to rescue us, so a couple little girls would surely be worth the effort.

                  Adoption has changed our lives and our family.  Hannah and Naomi are a gift God has blessed us with.  Being a parent will always be a privilege that God has given us.  And, if we are honest, we know that these children are God’s, the giver of every good gift.  It is through these precious children that we are able to see God’s love for us.


Jacquelyn Stager said...

God bless your beautiful family!

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