Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Doctor in the making - Jane Ingabire

*AOET is Sam Tushabe's ministry and  is one of the three ministries that are being supported 
through this year's Bike Challenge pledges.  Below is one story of a child rescued through this ministry. 

Jane is now 19 years old, She became a Christian when she was 14 at one of AOET’s December camps after hearing all the stories the other kids were narrating about how they became Christians and how it had changed their lives!

Life changed for her after that!  She joined the AOET child sponsorship program when she was 15 in senior three and her guardians (who are very poor) were struggling to raise her Tuition. She is the eldest in a family of three children. Their meagre resources could not enable them to send all the children to school and also take care of the basic needs at home for the three children.

Jane had always wanted to be a medical doctor when she grew up but her hopes were fading away since her guardians were failing to raise the school fees. She was never stable in School, because she would be sent back home almost every week for unpaid tuition!
Eventually, one of her guardians requested for sponsorship for Jane from AOET as he struggled with the other two children and other family needs. Fortunately she got a sponsor and AOET started paying for her school fees. When her senior four results came out, she emerged among the top students countrywide and because of this; she was admitted to do Physics, Chemistry and Biology in a good school (Uganda Martyrs Secondary school Namugongo) for her advanced level classes.

Jane has continued to get guidance from the AOET Child welfare office, to pursue her dreams of becoming a doctor. She concentrated on her studies for the two years in advanced level and completed her National Examinations in December 2011. When results were released in March 2012, Jane had scored highly in all subjects.

Recently, the Government released a list of government sponsored students for University in the next academic year 2012-2013, and Jane has been given a scholarship to do a medical course at Makerere University –Uganda’s oldest and most prestigious university. After five years of the course, she will be a qualified medical doctor.

When asked how all this happened, she she has one name: JESUS.
She says, if it hadn’t been for Jesus, there was no way she would have made it anywhere. Her Testimony has inspired MANY children at AOET, and before she goes of to University, AOET has made her an “ambassador” to speak to all our sponsored children – share what God means to her, and how He made a difference in her life!  Only God can turn things around the way they did and bring someone’s fading dreams to life!  Jane will continue to be under our program, and our social workers will continue to take care of her and make sure she continues to mature in her faith!  We thank God for Jane.


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Hello,nice piece...I need to get in touch with Jane Ingabire...Im an old schoolmate of hers

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