Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Baskets: Thank you!

“Oh my gosh!!! How did you guys lift that thing? I hope you used a dolly. Thank you so much. The kids just squealed, ‘we got blessed!’ and I said, ‘yes, we did!’”

Comments from a Thanksgiving Basket recipient

Jesus tells us that those who have been forgiven much love much. As sinners redeemed by His shed blood, we all have cause to love much.  As we grow in love for God, we also learn to love others as He does.

This is a hearty ‘Thank you’ to all Christ Community Chapel members and friends who donated, at last count, contents to fill 1,408 Thanksgiving baskets. With more baskets still coming in.

That is 12 tons of turkeys. A tidal wave of turkeys. A tsunami of Thanksgiving tubs.  A glimpse of how high and wide and long and deep is God’s love.

Your love in action shows authentic appreciation for the grace of God.  It also mirrors the love Jesus Christ has for the less fortunate of our neighbors.

Because of your godly generosity, over 1,400 recipients have seen visible, tangible, hefty, satisfying and tasty evidence of God’s love for them.

And people are testifying to His goodness and glory.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!

1 Chronicles 16:4

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Support Neighbors Apparel at CCC’s They’ve Been Gifted!

What is Neighbors Apparel?

Neighbors Apparel is taking part in Christ Community Chapel’s ‘They’ve Been Gifted’ event on December 6th and 7th.   Neighbor’s Apparel operates with assistance from CCC ministry partner Urban Vision. Its goal is to gainfully employ women in the community of North Hill with sewing skills to make clothing and accessory items that are made with material from Thailand. Tessa, a graduate from Kent State University Fashion Design School heads up Neighbors Apparel.

Why is this ministry important?

Because countless families from around the world have sought refuge here in the U.S., they are starting a new life different from the one they had back home. Portions of the global mission field have moved to our doorstep in North Akron. These immigrants are a great pool of hard-working, creative and talented people. While they are striving to learn a new language and culture in their new land, Neighbors Apparel employs many of these refugee women in Akron. Neighbors Apparel provides a living wage for women with sewing skills, and also furnishes sewing training and English lessons. Because these people are also exposed to Urban Vision, they also learn about the Gospel. So, Neighbors Apparel is making an impact for God’s kingdom both in this world, and for eternity.

All proceeds from any purchase you make from Neighbors Apparel at the You’ve Been Gifted event will go to Urban Vision, whose mission is reaching the North Hill Community of Akron by demonstrating the redemptive love of Jesus Christ through Christ-centered programs focused on the needs of the people, restoring the community one child and family at a time. You’re investing in local Christian community development.

What will Neighbors Apparel offer at They’ve Been Gifted?

Neighbors Apparel will offer for purchase a range of garments and accessories.  For more information on Neighbors Apparel and the items it makes, please go to:  .  To learn more about Urban Vision, click: .

For more about CCC’s They’ve Been Gifted event, please see: .

Thanks for prayerfully considering this chance to support CCC’s ministry partners by doing some of your Christmas shopping at the They’ve Been Gifted event at a CCC campus.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gifting Confusion: They’ve Been Gifted versus You’ve Been Gifted

Christ Community Chapel is a giving church. So much so, that some have expressed confusion about two of our Christmas time initiatives that have similar names: ‘They’ve Been Gifted’ and ‘You’ve Been Gifted.’ Let’s see if we can clear things up.

What is ‘They’ve Been Gifted?’

This is CCC’s annual effort to help you make some of your Christmas gift shopping a benefit to God’s Kingdom work. 

This year, CCC is offering on the weekend of December 6 & 7th hand-made art and artisanal gifts for members and friends to purchase for folks on their gift lists. One hundred percent of the purchase price of a gift goes to one of the 12 local and global ministry partners represented at the event. The recipient of the gift also gets a card explaining the type of ministry being supported.  So, the giver of the They’ve Been Gifted items is doubly blessed, knowing their gift has benefitted both the recipient and the Kingdom work being supported by CCC ministry partners.  

For more on They’ve Been Gifted, go to: .

What is ‘You’ve Been Gifted?’

This is CCC’s annual tradition of blanketing our local area with 10,000 random acts of kindness during the Christmas season.

Christ Community Chapel members and friends are encouraged to be creative in benefitting people in the Akron area. Some CCC members have paid for the quick-serve food ordered by people in the car behind them at restaurant drive-thrus. The donor usually remains anonymous, except for the fact that the recipient gets a ‘You’ve Been Gifted’ card explaining why the gift was given.

Some CCC members and friends have camped out at stores and anonymously paid the bills of customers – especially those who appear to be in need. Again, the recipient of this generosity gets the card explaining the ‘gifting’ they have received is a small expression of God’s love for them.

We hope this helps.

Both You’ve Been Gifted and They’ve Been Gifted are aimed at countering some of the materialism, commercialization and financial stress of the Christmas season. They’ve Been Gifted benefits CCC’s justice & mercy focused ministry partners. You’ve Been Gifted is a chance for us to go ‘hands on’ in blessing our local neighbors.  

It’s all done to glorify God and point to His greatest gift to mankind, Jesus.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Look for PET OH-Stow at Christ Community Chapel’s ‘They’ve Been Gifted’ celebration!

What is PET OH-Stow?

PET OH-Stow is the official name for ‘The PET Place’ in Stow, Ohio. This is a manufacturing site that produces Personal Energy Transportation (PET) carts for mobility impaired people in developing nations. The PET hand-crank propelled cart is a great solution to the challenge of getting around on rough terrain in remote areas.  For more on PET carts, see: .

What is PET OH-Stow’s mission?

Our mission is "to reflect the love of Jesus Christ by bringing the gift of mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who are unable to walk." The gifting works on a number of levels.

At the spiritual level, PET OH-Stow is about lifting up the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, ‘if I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Me.’ PET in Stow leads with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to offer the less fortunate the ultimate gift from God, salvation in Jesus.

On the economic level, it costs $250 to build and ship one PET cart. The typical recipient earns about $100/year, and pays nothing for the cart. Compassionate donors pay for the production and shipping of PETs.

At the personal level, our mission is in the Name of Jesus we lift people up. Every gift of $250 can lift one more person out of crawling in the dirt, and into a life of dignity.

 Where do I come in?

PET OH-Stow provides two alternatives for you to help fund mercy in motion at the December 6 and 7 ‘They’ve Been Gifted’ event:

  • You can purchase hand made gifts at one of our tables during the event at any CCC campus, or
  • You can donate $250 in Honor of, or in Memory of a loved one for a PET cart at the event.  The cart you have funded will bear a decal similar to the one below. 

For more information about PET OH-Stow, please:

  • contact the CCC Local Outreach ministry coordinator for PET OH-Stow: , or
  • look us up on Facebook at the PET OH-Stow page, or