Thursday, November 20, 2014

Support Neighbors Apparel at CCC’s They’ve Been Gifted!

What is Neighbors Apparel?

Neighbors Apparel is taking part in Christ Community Chapel’s ‘They’ve Been Gifted’ event on December 6th and 7th.   Neighbor’s Apparel operates with assistance from CCC ministry partner Urban Vision. Its goal is to gainfully employ women in the community of North Hill with sewing skills to make clothing and accessory items that are made with material from Thailand. Tessa, a graduate from Kent State University Fashion Design School heads up Neighbors Apparel.

Why is this ministry important?

Because countless families from around the world have sought refuge here in the U.S., they are starting a new life different from the one they had back home. Portions of the global mission field have moved to our doorstep in North Akron. These immigrants are a great pool of hard-working, creative and talented people. While they are striving to learn a new language and culture in their new land, Neighbors Apparel employs many of these refugee women in Akron. Neighbors Apparel provides a living wage for women with sewing skills, and also furnishes sewing training and English lessons. Because these people are also exposed to Urban Vision, they also learn about the Gospel. So, Neighbors Apparel is making an impact for God’s kingdom both in this world, and for eternity.

All proceeds from any purchase you make from Neighbors Apparel at the You’ve Been Gifted event will go to Urban Vision, whose mission is reaching the North Hill Community of Akron by demonstrating the redemptive love of Jesus Christ through Christ-centered programs focused on the needs of the people, restoring the community one child and family at a time. You’re investing in local Christian community development.

What will Neighbors Apparel offer at They’ve Been Gifted?

Neighbors Apparel will offer for purchase a range of garments and accessories.  For more information on Neighbors Apparel and the items it makes, please go to:  .  To learn more about Urban Vision, click: .

For more about CCC’s They’ve Been Gifted event, please see: .

Thanks for prayerfully considering this chance to support CCC’s ministry partners by doing some of your Christmas shopping at the They’ve Been Gifted event at a CCC campus.

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