Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gifting Confusion: They’ve Been Gifted versus You’ve Been Gifted

Christ Community Chapel is a giving church. So much so, that some have expressed confusion about two of our Christmas time initiatives that have similar names: ‘They’ve Been Gifted’ and ‘You’ve Been Gifted.’ Let’s see if we can clear things up.

What is ‘They’ve Been Gifted?’

This is CCC’s annual effort to help you make some of your Christmas gift shopping a benefit to God’s Kingdom work. 

This year, CCC is offering on the weekend of December 6 & 7th hand-made art and artisanal gifts for members and friends to purchase for folks on their gift lists. One hundred percent of the purchase price of a gift goes to one of the 12 local and global ministry partners represented at the event. The recipient of the gift also gets a card explaining the type of ministry being supported.  So, the giver of the They’ve Been Gifted items is doubly blessed, knowing their gift has benefitted both the recipient and the Kingdom work being supported by CCC ministry partners.  

For more on They’ve Been Gifted, go to: .

What is ‘You’ve Been Gifted?’

This is CCC’s annual tradition of blanketing our local area with 10,000 random acts of kindness during the Christmas season.

Christ Community Chapel members and friends are encouraged to be creative in benefitting people in the Akron area. Some CCC members have paid for the quick-serve food ordered by people in the car behind them at restaurant drive-thrus. The donor usually remains anonymous, except for the fact that the recipient gets a ‘You’ve Been Gifted’ card explaining why the gift was given.

Some CCC members and friends have camped out at stores and anonymously paid the bills of customers – especially those who appear to be in need. Again, the recipient of this generosity gets the card explaining the ‘gifting’ they have received is a small expression of God’s love for them.

We hope this helps.

Both You’ve Been Gifted and They’ve Been Gifted are aimed at countering some of the materialism, commercialization and financial stress of the Christmas season. They’ve Been Gifted benefits CCC’s justice & mercy focused ministry partners. You’ve Been Gifted is a chance for us to go ‘hands on’ in blessing our local neighbors.  

It’s all done to glorify God and point to His greatest gift to mankind, Jesus.


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