Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CCC Community Group Rocks It Serving at the PET Place Open House!

‘…Well done, good and faithful servant!’

From Matthew 25:21

Providing hospitality is one way to serve in Jesus' name. 

Jesus delights in those who serve faithfully.

In His parable, Jesus gives kudos to one who serves with excellence and faithfulness.

Some say food is love. And, God's love is evident at this table!

 Serving with a smile makes guests know they're welcome.

Jesus’ people continue to serve faithfully today.

‘What a wonderful group of servants. Thank you so much for providing the food and helping to make the (PET OH-Stow) Open House such a success. It is so much appreciated. I enjoyed meeting everyone from your Community Group. Lots of energy in your group.’

Vince Petno, Founder & President of the PET Place in Stow, Ohio

Those kudos from Vince Petno are for a Christ Community Chapel (CCC) Community Group that served hands-on in providing hospitality for the May 15th, 2016 Open House at the local PET (Personal Energy Transportation) cart manufacturing facility. Group members bought, prepared and served food for the Open House guests. Members also did set-up and tear-down after the event. 

But wait…There’s More!

The servant-volunteers also wholeheartedly embraced the mission of the PET Place – to provide appropriate mobility in the name of Jesus Christ to leg-disabled children of God in developing countries.

Sometimes when we’re available to serve, God shows us more of what He is doing. At the Open House, the Community Group members watched a video demonstrating how the gift of a mobility cart can change the life of a leg-disabled recipient for the better.  The cart recipients also receive a presentation of the Gospel, the greatest gift ever offered.  

After watching the video, group volunteers also went on a tour of the PET manufacturing facility.

Feeling the heartbeat...on the plant tour!

In other words, they not only provided the requested hospitality, but also synched up with the heartbeat of the PET ministry. The Community Group embraced the ‘hospitality’ assignment with enthusiasm and energy, going above and beyond the serving that was requested. For example…

One group member commented that he was more than willing to go ‘over budget,’ donating of his own money and effort to make sure that the food offered was first-rate. His priority was that the guests felt very welcome.

Another took extensive photos, so he could give slide shows to people he could interest in the mission of PET.

Still another Community Group member morphed from a food server to a social butterfly, making sure that visitors to the Open House had company, and someone to tell them about the heartbeat of the PET ministry.

Good and faithful servants have their eyes open to opportunities to be active ambassadors for the Kingdom of God!

You can’t out-give God.

The above and beyond serving of this Community Group prompted many ‘thank-yous’ from the PET team.  Here is the response from one of the Community Group servant-leaders:

‘It was certainly our pleasure.  We are thrilled to be part of a church that loves to serve others.’

When God is at work in His people, a virtuous cycle of grace, faithful service and thanksgiving kicks in.

Looking for a thrill? Opportunity knocks!

Members and friends of Christ Community Chapel are invited to prayerfully consider the following options:

Donating to PET OH-Stow, so more of God’s children can be lifted out of crawling in the dirt, and into a life of dignity and mobility. Your gift could be doubled, since there is a matching pledge in place right now. You can donate at , or by sending a check to: PET OH-Stow,
3760 Lovina Lane,
 Stow, OH 44224.

Mobilizing your Community Group to serve with one of Christ Community Chapel’s ministry partners. For more information, contact .

If you’re not yet connected in a Community Group, contact CCC’s Mike Holwerda at: . Joining a Community Group is a great way to actively know Jesus, grow in Him and serve in His name...and to get spiritually connected to others who want to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


LuAnn Poli said...

Congrats on a successful PET Open House! If I had been in town, I'd have loved to come on over! So many servants' hearts at PET OH-Stow, sharing the love of Christ. Blessings!

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