Friday, June 3, 2016

Community Groups – Becoming Doers of the Word!

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.
James 1:22

Saving faith takes action.

Recently, a Christ Community Chapel (CCC) Community Group studied the book of James, which emphasizes that transformational faith is faith in action.

Faith takes action today.

This principle is meant for the daily lives of Christians in the here and now.  We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, serving those in need.  This is how the love of God is made real for others.

Serving a meal is a great way to demonstrate God's love.

What does this look like?

It looks like the Community Group that recently provided a nutritious, healthy dinner for volunteers and clients of Pregnancy Solutions & Services (PSS), a CCC Local Outreach ministry partner. As they studied the book of James, they began to seek a serving opportunity that fit in with doing what the Word says. Busy schedules prevented some group members from delivering and serving the meal at PSS, but everyone pitched in with planning, purchasing and preparing parts of the meal. 

The opportunity was a ‘divine appointment’; the clients who had chosen life for their babies were attending classes on how to take care of their babies – especially through good nutrition. So, the group members put together and served a healthy feast!

 Teaching about nutrition can look like serving it up!

Sowing and reaping.

The group set up for and served a meal that included salad, fresh fruit, spaghetti with meat sauce, rolls with butter and a punch bowl desert cake. The group also gave a rose to each woman and volunteer. 

After the group cleaned up and the guests had left, members learned that this was the first time in 6 years that the guests had been treated to a meal – and they were so grateful!  The group also found out how loved the clients felt, and that the meal was probably the best food they had had in over a month. This helped to confirm for the clients that they had great support for choosing life for their babies. And, the experience impressed the community group members with how blessed they are.

As the group discovered on their tour of the PSS facility and ultrasound van, PSS is all about offering clients the chance to choose life for their unborn babies.  It is also about proclaiming the Gospel, so clients might have abundant and eternal life.

A visit to Emma's Closet can be an eye-opener.

Part of the support for PSS clients is Emma’s Closet, where donated clothing up to 4T in size is available. The Community Group became aware that donating their gently used children’s clothing could communicate God’s love to clients, and support their decision to choose life.

Community Groups that serve together develop strong, eternal bonds as they grow together in Jesus Christ.

Overall, group members reaped the spiritual reward of seeing God work through their service, multiplying the impact of His love.  And, as they bonded together as fellow doers of the Word, they decided this would not be the only time they served as the hands and feet of Jesus.

How can I be a doer of the Word?

There are many ways!

Mobilize your Community Group. If you are already in a CCC Community Group, contact Barbara Ammirati of Local Outreach at . She can link you up with a ministry partner whose mission resonates with your group.

Join a Community Group. If you’re not yet connected in a Community Group, contact CCC’s Mike Holwerda at: . Joining a Group is a great way to actively know Jesus, grow in Him and serve in His name..and to get spiritually connected to others who want to be doers of the Word.

Support Pregnancy Solutions & Services. For example, you can give just $18 per month in the Lifesaver initiative. You can invest in helping PSS provide a God-honoring alternative for clients, and in providing medical services and support to women & men considering abortion. For more information on PSS, and how you can give the gift of life, go to: .


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