Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SOS: Help Legacies of Success Build on The Rock

Christ Community Chapel’s SOS (Simple Opportunities to Serve) focus ministry is Legacies of Success in June.

"Everyone who hears what I say and obeys me will be like a man who has good sense. He built his house on a rock. It rained hard. The water in the rivers came up high. The winds were strong and beat on the house. But it did not fall down. It was built on a rock. But everyone who hears what I say and does not obey me will be like a man who has no sense. He built his house on the sand.
Matthew 7:24-26 (WE)

What is it to build on a rock?

Legacies of Success (LOS) seeks to bring the abundant life, which is built on The Rock, our Lord Jesus Christ, to our neighbors in need in the North Hill, Cascade Village and Cascade Valley areas of North Akron. LOS rehabilitates housing in these areas, and provides affordable habitations for local residents.

What part can I play?

You can help Legacies of Success as they provide the guidance and means for others to build their lives on The Rock. Consider these options:

PRAY – Sign up to be a prayer warrior for Legacies of Success. You will receive a monthly email with three prayer requests/praises for the ministry to bring to the Lord throughout the month. To sign up, contact Barbara Ammirati at:

GIVE – Donate a gift card (in any amount) from one of the home improvement stores to help with items needed inside and out for the homes being revitalized. Drop the gift card off at the Hudson campus church office receptionist desk Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, and Fridays from 8:30 AM to noon. Please place the gift card in an envelope marked “Legacies of Success.”

GO – Volunteer to work on one of the homes in North Akron being revitalized for Urban Vision families. Contact Karen McStay, Local Outreach Ministry Coordinator at:

Karen McStay

To learn more about Legacies of Success, go to: .

Want more information about Local Outreach?
Facebook page: Love Like Crazy – Serve


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