Monday, July 7, 2014

RAHAB ~ A ministry of hope


Our Simple Opportunities to Serve (SOS) focus this month shines the light on RAHAB Ministries. RAHAB's mission is to break the chains of sexual slavery that is happening right here on our own streets, not just overseas.  Founded in 2002, RAHAB is a non-profit Christian ministry of volunteers devoted to rescuing and restoring women who are trafficked into prostitution in Akron, Ohio.

The outreach ministry of RAHAB is actually three dimensional.  It seeks to RESCUE, RESTORE, and EDUCATE, all the while conveying the message of hope ~ that God has a victorious plan for their lives, and to offer spiritual and practical opportunities for change.

Do You have compassion for others?  Ready to be changed by the experience of ministering to the suffering?  Many people with various talents and passions are needed for RAHAB Ministries to continue reaching hurting women.  Individuals and groups are encouraged to donate their time, talents, and finances.  some volunteers work directly with the women, while others serve behind the scenes, such as praying, organizing fund raisers, preparing food, or making table favors for the women.  

To learn more about RAHAB Ministries, go to their website ( and also follow these blog posts during the month of July.  Here are a few ways to begin getting involved with this amazing outreach ministry:

PRAY:  When you sign up to be a prayer warrior for RAHAB Ministries, you will receive a monthly email with three prayer requests or praises.  You can sign up by contacting Barbara Ammirati at

SERVE: An annual block party/picnic will be held on July 19 for residents who live near the Rahab House on Matthews Street. If you are interested in helping with set up and/or serving at this event, contact Jacque Stager at

GIVE: There is an ongoing need for freezer ready meals, cookies, bookmarks, cards of encouragement, and table favors to bless the women who come to weekly Bible studies at the Rahab house.  Full size toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, feminine products, lotions, etc. as well as seasonally appropriate clothing and accessories are always needed.  If you desire to contribute any of these or have questions, contact Jacque Stager at


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