Sunday, September 8, 2013

Urban Vision Volunteering Opportunities

Urban Vision continues to reach out to one at-risk child at a time on behalf of Christ in Akron’s North Hill area.  Urban Vision is constructing a bicycle Pump Track (for more on the UV track, see: ), which is a magnet for kids. Recently, three local kids came to ride on the bike track, and stayed to hear Urban Vision’s message. They heard the Gospel in a small group. As one observer said, "They came with bicycles, and left with Bibles." Please pray for Urban Vision’s work in the city.

However, helping our neighbors in need through Urban Vision is not limited to those with carpentry or speaking skills.

If you love to cook, please consider opportunities to help Urban Vision with meals for local kids. Urban Vision (UV) serves more than 890 meals per week as part of its ministry. Please click on the following link if you’re interested in learning more about preparing either full meals, or portions of meals, or serving for UV programs and events:


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