Thursday, September 12, 2013

Urban Vision : A Night to Bridge the Gap

On September 5th, Christ Community Chapel ministry partner Urban Vision celebrated its calling to bridge the gap in the education of the at-risk kids in the North Hill area of Akron. The event was a fund raiser specifically targeting two Urban Vision initiatives: the Set on Success after school tutoring program, and the Beacon Christian Learning Center, which provides a focused and tailored learning program for Urban Vision participating kids in grades K-12.

Jodi Matthews

Urban Vision founder Jodi Matthews explained that among the 30 Beacon CLC students, some are currently bringing their academic performance up one grade level per month. The kids no longer need to be concerned with their physical safety, or with negative peer pressure that can discourage learning. And with strong, individualized encouragement from Beacon teachers, the kids are becoming confident in their ability to learn.

Jodi Matthews spoke about Urban Vision’s passion for showing the love of God to at-risk children.  Jodi described the river of life coming from God’s throne, and stressed how blessed believers are to receive the abundance of God’s grace, power and love. From that abundance, an overflow from the staff and volunteers at Urban Vision then blesses the Urban Vision kids.  Jodi cites Jesus’ mandate, “Let the children come to Me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Jodi gave an example of how Urban Vision kids in turn bless their community with the overflow they have received. Jodi was volunteering at a local public school, challenging a group of first graders to assemble a 100 piece puzzle. Only one of the kids in the group was an Urban Vision child.  The kids were overwhelmed with the task. However, Jodi explained that if the kids focused on the work, and persevered in their work, they could accomplish the task.  At that point, the Urban Vision child in the group proclaimed how God’s love also perseveres and never lets go of us.  Jodi silently cheered this child’s witness to God’s love, which was overflowing into the community from the child’s life.

How has the overflow of God’s persevering love impacted your life?  Please consider how God might be calling you to share the overflow of His love and power in the lives of our neighbors in need. For more on Urban Vision’s ministry and volunteer needs, please go to:


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