Monday, September 19, 2016

Know and Live The Story; Support Running for Rahab!

The Akron Marathon is coming up THIS SATURDAY, September 24! We have an exciting way for you to help Christ Community Chapel ministry partner, Rahab Ministries! There is a team of people from Emerge Counseling Services who are RUNNING FOR RAHAB this year! 

Becky Moreland, founder of Rahab and John Palmer, President of Emerge, announce that Rahab and Emerge "have recenty formed a strategic partnership designed to provide competent, Christ-centered counseling for broken women being rescued out of the sex-slave trade.  These “trafficked” women come to RAHAB having endured physical bondage, burns, and beatings.  They’ve been choked, branded and raped repeatedly, often multiple times a day every day of the week.  They’ve been forced to trade sex for food, for shelter, and even for love.
Most of the rescued women who find their way to the RAHAB Safe house remain in grave danger as they continue to be hunted by these traffickers.  Part of their redemption and healing is long-term counseling from EMERGE’s skilled and compassionate clinicians."

 They go on to say: "You can make a difference in the destiny of victimized and sexually exploited women whose lives, up to this point, have been marked by abuse and filled with unimaginable pain.  Your investment can help them find hope, healing and a “fresh start” as they experience God’s goodness, grace, and unconditional love at RAHAB and EMERGE. Because of you, their future can be much different than their past."

Please support one of the RUNNERS FOR RAHAB! It's easy! Simply click HERE and then click the box that says "Register your participation in asking for pledges".  You can then pledge an amount and after the race, you will receive a payment form from Emerge.


For more information, please contact Barbara Ammirati of the CCC Local Outreach Team at: .

Or, learn more about Rahab Ministries at: .


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