Thursday, February 5, 2015

Loving on strangers...

February is the month when many of us are turning our thoughts to Valentine's Day and thinking of ways to express love to our friends, spouses, children, etc. We buy chocolate and flowers, special cards, or dress up and enjoy an evening out or a nice dinner with someone special. 

For the women served by Rahab Ministries in Akron, Ohio, a true love may be only a romantic notion  and not something they have ever really and truly experienced in their lives.  These women have instead known the reality of sexual exploitation and slavery, having been used and abused, often from an early age.

Rahab Ministries seeks to reach out to these women and point them to the love of One who will never leave or forsake them. Rahab seeks to help them find their only real and lasting hope, which is in the Savior who not only knows their names and everything about them, but who loves them with an everlasting love that will not fail.  

The women served by Rahab Ministries begin to feel the real and lasting love and the kindness of a Savior when they begin to feel the warmth and caring of others. Twice a week at the Rahab House our church feeds a table full of these ladies who are in varying stages of their rehabilitation. Almost all have been incarcerated and most don't have their complete freedom yet. To sit at a beautifully set table with matching dishes and tableware (as opposed to styrofoam plates and plasticware used at institutions) and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal and dessert prepared lovingly by a stranger is quite a moving experience for them. 

Christ Community Chapel is always looking for donations of casseroles, soups, and cookies that are delivered to the Rahab House once a month. To make it a simple way to serve, donations can be brought to the church anytime the doors are open. Please contact Jacque Stager via email ( for specific instructions. 

In addition to the food items, the Rahab house mom loves to occasionally have table favors or cards for the women to make them feel extra loved. This month we delivered simple favors that included a home made cookie, a tea bag, and a  friendship card with an encouraging scripture verse. If donating a small craft, bookmarker, or table favor is something that would interest you, please contact Jacque Stager for more information. It doesn't need to be anything expensive or elaborate. Something small is just another way to show we care.

If you would like more information on this Simple Opportunity to Serve, please contact:

Barbara Ammirati at  or

Local Outreach Ministry Coordinator for Rahab, Jacque Stager at


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