Saturday, October 5, 2013

Restoration Chapel and T.R.Y. Collaborate to Transform Lives

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.”

Christ Community Chapel’s Restoration Chapel ministry at Cuyahoga Hills Youth Detention Center has been touching the lives of young people for God’s kingdom since early 2012.  Restoration Chapel worship services are augmented with Bible study and personal mentoring for the young men in the facility, thanks to volunteers from CCC.  However, once the men have served their time at the Detention Center, the transition to the “outside” is highly challenging, given the lack of jobs and supportive relationships the men face.

 Restoration Chapel worship services are well attended a Cuyahoga Hills Youth Detention Center

This is why Restoration Chapel’s new collaboration with T.R.Y., or Truly Reaching You Ministries, makes so much sense. T.R.Y. has worked with over 1,200 men re-entering society after incarceration, helping them find work, get homes and build Christ-centered relationships. For more information on T.R.Y.’s successful re-entry efforts, please go to: .

As young men complete their time at the Detention Center with the benefit of attending Restoration Chapel services, they now have the blessing of continued mentoring under T.R.Y.’s relationship-based re-entry process. This process furnishes ongoing spiritual support by providing persistent Christian mentoring and accountability. It also helps the men grow and mature in their relationships with Christ, and gives them a stronger sense that they have viable alternatives to going back to their old way of life. And, the pragmatic benefit of T.R.Y.’s approach is it cuts down on the recidivism rate. 

T.R.Y. provides men with work opportunities as they transition into life on the "outside"

The Local Outreach Team at Christ Community Chapel is inspired to celebrate this linkage between two strong ministries that can impact so many young, at risk lives for Christ.

Please keep this new collaboration in your prayers.  You may also wish to volunteer or to give financially in supporting these ministries. For more information, please go to:  about Restoration Chapel, and about Truly Reaching You Ministries


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