Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"knock and the door will be opened to you..."

We recently asked our local outreach partner, Rahab Ministries, if they had any special needs.  We were presented with their desire to have a matching set of dishes to use for the meals they serve while doing ministry, thinking how wonderful it would be to bless the women with a beautiful table, as well as the delicious food our volunteers provide each month. They needed service for 16, and they asked for Corelle dishes because they are light weight and wouldn't over burden their old and weak cupboard shelves.

We no sooner presented the need, and a donor came forward with the desire to bless the ministry in this way.  Not only did she provide the matching dishes, she blessed them with matching glasses and matching stainless steel tableware!

But wait! There's more!  Our donor has never been to the Rahab House and had no way of knowing the colors of the interior are blue and green. But God is in the details and have a closer look:

LeAnn, the new Rahab house mom, was overjoyed to receive this gift of love when it was delivered today.  The women will have a huge surprise tomorrow when they sit down to a hot meal served on these beautiful dishes, with matching glasses, and tableware!  

We can't thank our fabulous cooks and bakers enough who donate soups, casseroles, cookies and breads each month to the Rahab House. LeAnn told us that just YESTERDAY they used their very last casserole from the freezer, and now they are loaded up again for another month.

And then she had a surprise for us! A beautiful thank you card from the women! 

Here are some of the things they wrote:

"God bless all who make time to prepare the amazing food you send over for us ladies. I really appreciate your time and love you put into it."

"Thank you for your kindness, time, and abundant love. You've made my day a lot brighter~we appreciate you!"

"I want to say thank you and God bless all of you amazing women for letting us ladies have a wonderful meal and let us remember how the Lord Jesus Christ works through our hearts to care and love all of us no matter what any of us has done wrong in our life. God bless and thank you."

"Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for us ladies. God bless you all."


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