Monday, April 24, 2017

Christ Community Chapel Serving Spree: God’s People Using Their Gifts!

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.

I Corinthians 12:4

God gives His people gifts so they can serve.

The Holy Spirit gives gifts so believers can serve in God’s name, bringing Him glory.

What happens when His people use those gifts in serving?

When the church serves in God’s name, we bring His Kingdom of grace, generosity, healing and restoration closer to a sin-sick world. Hands-on serving visibly demonstrates the reality of God’s love to those who are broken and hurting.

How is that happening today?

Through Christ Community Chapel’s Serving Spree, God’s people are learning more about new ways to use their gifts, and are actively putting those gifts to use in serving projects. The following are examples of the explosion of serving that is taking place.

 One Community Group volunteered to help serve meals at Haven of Rest.

Another group helped out with cleaning at Faithful Servants Care Center, which provides urgent care medical services to those in need.

Still another Community Group helped with painting needs at Truly Reaching You ministries, which helps those who have served their sentences successfully re-enter their communities.

It's no accident that these followers of Jesus are smiling. It is a thrill to be the hands and feet of Jesus for the less fortunate!

How can I get on board?

It’s simple. A broad array of Serving Spree opportunities is available, as seen on the website, .  These range from helping to clean the Faithful Servant’s Care Center medical clinic, to donating items needed by Haven of Rest clients, to visiting and prayer walking through Pregnancy Solutions & Services’ ministry center.

Whatever your gifts may be, there is likely a Serving Spree opportunity that fits for you. For more information, either visit the website, or email Barbara Ammirati of CCC’s Local Outreach team at: 


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