Monday, July 11, 2016

The Verdict Akron: How Might You Make a Difference?

In his name the nations will put their hope.

Matthew 12: 21

For those in this sin-sick world, God provides hope.

That hope comes by placing one’s confidence in the name of Jesus.

How can that hope be shared with others?

One way is to bring someone to an upcoming event. The Verdict Akron is a hope festival for the city. It will take place on August 6th, from 11 AM to 8 PM at Grace Park in Akron. It is a free community event offering extreme entertainment, daily necessities, love and messages of hope. 

Why a hope festival?

In the words of The Verdict Akron Facebook page:

Look around you. Pick-up the newspaper or click on the local news. Drive through the City. Stop and have an honest conversation with a police officer or someone who lives in the heart of the hood. In fact, do the same thing in the suburbs, they are not immune from these issues. Do we need HOPE? We all know and feel the answer.
‘Heroin, human-trafficking, homicides, hopelessness’. . . the headlines are all around us. We can ignore them, accept them as the new norm, play the blame game, talk the problems to death, or just deny that they exist.Or, we can stop talking and together -DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.”

Who is The Verdict Planning Committee?

The Verdict planning committee is composed of business, law enforcement, clergy, ministry and other partners from the community who love God and love others. Members recognize that as they look around, crime, drug addiction, human trafficking, hopelessness, loneliness, division and darkness are destroying our City. The committee and its partners are convinced that there is only one solution to these problems: A relationship with Jesus Christ. The Verdict planning committee exists to share this HOPE with the City.

What will be offered at the event?

This FREE event will include a dynamic special speaker, a concert by a national-recording, hip-hop artist who describes himself as an “ex-hustler turned urban missionary”, Akron’s first ever, city approved, motorcycle stunt show by the founder of street racing/stunt riding.

There will be a “City of Resources” which will include tables of ministry partners that specialize in helping the hurting regarding: exiting a life of crime, drug addiction, prostitution, human trafficking and assisting with housing, job placement and employment.

The event will offer a Fugitive Safe Surrender tent to allow people the opportunity to clear up warrants and child-support issues through the Summit County/Akron City court systems. There will be free food, bouncy houses and giveaways for kids.

In the week leading-up to this event, The Verdict partners will come together as a community for “City Serve” to invest in cleaning up our streets. Partners will paint fences, pick up trash and “build bridges.” They will be an example to our larger community and our Nation that help and HOPE require more than mere words. Partners will love like Christ with actions.

How can I learn more?

Contact Barbara Ammirati of Christ Community Chapel’s Local Outreach Team for information at: .


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