Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rahab Ministries and CCC: Catching God’s Compassion

When they cry out to me, I will hear, for I am compassionate.
Exodus 22:27b

God is compassionate.

Christ Community Chapel’s Love Like Crazy women’s group has drawn women to serve with God’s compassion through Local Outreach ministry partners like Rahab Ministries. Rahab is dedicated to breaking the chains of sexual slavery for women in the Akron area.

God’s people hear the needs He hears.

CCC’s Carla Gasser and Esther Morse of the Love Like Crazy group have volunteered at Rahab Ministries. Carla has helped with strip club outreaches, leading devotions, distributing toiletries to the women, and praying with and for the women.  The more Carla saw God’s compassion at work, the more she heard the needs of the Rahab women. Says Carla:

“I noticed that every time I was there, the women asked for simple things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairbrushes, lotion, etc.  We never had enough! “

God’s people hear & respond to the needs.

Carla had a tradition of holding Christmas Open Houses in her home. She and Esther decided to make the 2013 Open House more meaningful. Carla invited over 100 women to stop in, hear about Rahab Ministries, and donate toiletries. 

What kind of response?

Says Carla:

The response was absolutely overwhelming!  I hope you saw the pictures I posted on facebook!  My entire living room was filled!  I would guess that over 70 women came through my house that day, each with bags full of donations.  We could not fit it all in Leann's car!! And the women who could not attend, kept dropping things off on my porch.”

For God so loved the World that He gave....

What happens when God’s people respond?

Carla further explains:

“When I brought the rest of the donations to RAHAB the following week and loaded up the toiletry cabinet and closet my heart almost burst.  Then, when it came time to pass out the toiletries, you should have seen the looks on the women's faces.  For them to get a full bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion was a real treat!  Plus they got new socks, gloves, underwear, and hairbrushes.  God is so good!  What a privilege to do such a small, simple thing for an amazing ministry.  I was truly blessed!”

Rahab House Mom Leann's smile of thanksgiving says it all. This is just part of the current inventory of toiletries at Rahab.

When God’s people are used as His compassionate hands and feet, those receiving the compassion respond with thanksgiving and praise, glorifying His name.  

And, those who serve experience visible signs of how God’s love overflows from His heart, to the servants’ hearts, to the recipients’ hearts, and back again. 

All for His glory.

I'm moved. What to do?

CCC and friends have been providing hands-on support, meals and toiletries for Rahab Ministries. The needs are ongoing.

To learn more, contact CCC’s Local Outreach Ministry Coordinator for Rahab, Jacque Stager at 330.687.1071, or by e-mail at:


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