Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Restoration Chapel: God is teaching reconcilation through prayer

This is a story about a recent Bible study at CCC’s Restoration Chapel.
T, one of the study participants, had missed the study a week ago. He explained he had been “in the box,” or in solitary confinement, then. T had committed his life to Christ in May of this year, and he seldom missed Bible study.
The others asked T how he had ended up in solitary. He explained he had had an argument with another guy, who took a punch at T. Things escalated, and T in turn punched the other guy back, breaking his nose.
Another young man in the Bible study asked T, “Are you bragging about this?” T replied, "No - I just want to tell you that I decided to pray for that guy while I sat in the box that day. And when I got out, I decided to go and apologize to him for breaking his nose.
One of the other study guys responded, “Let’s pray for him. Maybe he will even come to our Bible study one day.”
Amazingly, as they were praying for the guy T punched, he walked into the room and joined the Bible study. 
Just like the rest of us, the guys at Restoration Chapel can have rough edges. However, God makes it clear that He can bring peace and reconciliation, if we are willing to humble ourselves, seek to love others as God does, and pray.
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