Friday, June 21, 2013

Making Waves

Christ Community Chapel's Be a Bridge to your Neighbor Initiative is making waves!  

In January, Pastor Joe encouraged the members of CCC to Be a Bridge to our Neighbors as the 2013 church initiative.   Whether it is throwing a block party on your street, or bringing a batch of cookies over to the neighbor next door,  members are encouraged to use their creativity to share the love of Christ with their neighbors.   

One couple invited both children from their surrounding neighborhood and children from one of our ministry partners, South Street Ministries, ( to join them in their backyard pool Fridays for swimming, fellowship, and lunch.    They hired 2 life guards to supervise the fun and help with swimming lessons for any children in need of instruction.   

Below is a picture of some of the memories being made as children meet children from other neighborhoods and realize that we are all God's children, fearfully and wonderfully made!   

What does your "Be a Bridge to the Neighborhood" look like?    


Jacquelyn Stager said...

This is so creative and what a wonderful blessing to those kids!

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