Thursday, January 24, 2013

CCC Youth Gift a Van to Rahab Ministries

Becky Moreland, founder of Christ Community Chapel ministry partner Rahab Ministries, had been praying for a need to be met.  Becky sums up the aim of the ministry like this: "The Heart of RAHAB Ministries is Compassion. We come alongside women who are trapped in the life-and-death struggle of prostitution and drugs. Then we stay. We refuse to see them as different from ourselves, then Christ's love for them can flow through us." For Rahab to come alongside these women, transportation to and from different events is a key need.

Late last year, a representative from Rahab spoke to the youth at Christ Community Chapel about the lives that have been transformed by Christ through Rahab.  During the presentation, the need for a van was mentioned. CCC youth ministries leader Todd Iannetta challenged the young people at all the church’s campuses to respond to the need.  The goal was to raise $10,000 for the van.

The youth agreed to accept the challenge, and Todd stayed in touch with Becky on the progress of the giving.  Recently, Todd and the CCC youth ministries staff had the joy of presenting the van to Becky.  Here's how they did it, according to Todd:

     "Many of them sacrificed Christmas gifts, some sold possessions, and some of them gave out of allowance or money made from a job.  We also held an open house for the Door #2 Arts Ministry, where we sold art that students madeTogether, they raised $10,000 to purchase a van.  A local car dealer, who also attends our church, sold us the van for a great price, and threw in unlimited service on the vehicle."

Have a look at the very high-energy celebration of God working through His people in this video: 

Pastor Joe has challenged all of us at Christ Community Chapel to be a bridge to our neighbors, our community and our world.  The CCC youth have clearly heard and responded to this call. As Todd said, "they get it!" As you pray and meditate on how God is calling you to be a bridge, would you also praise Him for this great example of His provision through His people?

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