Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You've Been Gifted 2.0

 Christ Community Chapel kicked off a new tradition in 2012 with "You’ve Been Gifted 2.0".  On December 2nd, at each campus, before and after all services, there were opportunities to purchase Christmas gifts ranging from $3 to $25.  The meaning behind "2.0" is that the purchase of these gifts will be a double blessing. The first blessing is obviously the recipient of the gift;   the second blessing is that  a CCC ministry partner will receive 100% of the proceeds of the sale.

 Local Outreach partner Rahab Ministries offered T shirts for sale. The sales of  matted Bible word art will benefit Faithful Servants and Broken Chains.  Global Outreach partners like Sam Tushabe’s Action for Empowerment (AOET) and Destiny Rescue offered jewelry items. There were Christmas cards from India Gospel League.

The response of CCC worship service attenders was overwhelming, with almost all inventory at all campuses being sold out. Overall, more than 1,600 items were purchased, generating over $17,000 in funds for CCC ministry partners.

God’s family at Christ Community Chapel has once again shown its heart for the less fortunate, be it to benefit local neighbors in need served by health care volunteers at Faithful Servants, or to benefit women in Asia being rescued by Destiny Rescue from the entrapment of human trafficking. It is truly exciting to see God’s people move with such grace, power and generosity… especially to break the mold of the usual “retail Christmas” and to benefit the needy and our ministry partners at home and overseas. The Gospel is being driven down further into the lives of God’s family, with great impact for our neighbors from Akron to Asia.

To God be the glory!

 As we celebrate the generous response to “You’ve Been Gifted 2.0”, please keep in mind the ongoing opportunity for CCC members and attenders to impact Northeastern Ohio through the original You’ve Been Gifted program, in progress now!  As we seek to reflect God’s love expressed through the gift of His only begotten Son by blanketing the area with 10,000 random acts of kindness this Christmas season, please prayerfully consider how God may be calling you to creatively be a blessing to a neighbor.  For more information, please contact:

Barbara Ammirati @
Michael Ammirati @


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