Monday, July 4, 2011

Bike Challenge Riders arrive in Cincinnati!!

Loading 8 bikes into Cargo Van donated by Don Sitts for the trip to Cincinnati.

Bike Challenge Team Leaving CCC Hudson Campus for trip to Cincinnati Monday late afternoon

Micah 6:8 Bike Challenge Riders get ready to begin their 400 mile trip for Justice and Mercy!  

This just in from Tony Galieti, one of our precious riders.  Please keep them all in prayer!

Monday night

"We are just back from dinner, and settling in for the night.   Everyone is excited to get started.  We have a tough day tomorrow.  Sixty-Four miles with the vast majority being uphill, so we’ll come out of the gate with a real test!

I had my first interesting encounter of the week as I was checking into the hotel.  Two men we’re there, and they became curious when they saw the bikes.  As it ended up they were pastors, who were in town for a pastor’s conference.  I asked them to pray for our ride, which they committed to do.  We can never have enough of that!"

Thanks again.

In Christ,


Cargo van arriving in Cincinnati Monday as the sun sets.

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Jacquelyn Stager said...

It will be exciting to follow the team this week! Keep the commentary and pictures coming!!

Robert Stager said...

We are keeping the team in our prayers!

Michelle Delly said...

Praying for you all!!

karen dorfman said...

I am praying for all of you. I will be praying for your safety throughout the day.

monica said...

Praying for all the riders this week! We can't wait to hear to keep reading about it!

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