Friday, December 10, 2010

The Blessings from a Bag of Sugar

This year our Church members blessed 397 neighbors in need with the gift of a Thanksgiving Basket.  The baskets included all the ingredients needed to prepare a dinner for a family of 6 including the turkey.  This story was written by a mother who had called the church and suggested a basket be given to her son.
Upon receiving the basket, by a couple of men, who came to his apartment, Marty was shocked.  He immediately called me (his mother), to say he didn’t feel he needed it and wanted to bring it to our home to give to someone else more deserving.  While I was aware, I did not say who suggested he be a recipient, but if he wanted to give it to someone else, I told Marty that was totally up to him and that he should be the one to pass it on, not us.
My husband’s office manager attends a  church in the Stow/Kent area and Marty asked her if she knew of anyone who would appreciate such a gift.  She knew of 3 families in need.  Marty dropped the basket off to the office and she in turn, took the basket to one of the families.  When the woman receiving the basket, opened the door, she began crying, but upon looking to see all the items, started sobbing when she saw the bag of brown sugar.  To our office manager’s amazement, the woman said, “Do you see those 2 acorn squash on the counter? Well, I wanted to serve them, but didn’t have enough money to go out and buy brown sugar.”  Who would have thought a bag of brown sugar would be such a sweet answer to prayer.


Jacquelyn Stager said...

This story has really blessed me and I look forward to reading more!

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